About XGamerRichy

For over eight years now I have been doing commentaries over video games for the internet, seven on my current channel: XGamerRichyReturns. Over that time I have managed to cover over 50 projects ranging from short platformers to incredibly long RPGs, and each time (from about 2012 onward) I have tried to develop a commentary style that is both fun and engaging but also incredibly informative. I always love to bring out trivia or cultural themes or issues that arise in games and I really want to show to the world that gaming can be a hobby for both fun and learning. After all, playing PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta (2010) is what led me to reading Dante’s Divine Comedy and learn about the fictional language that is Enochian. As of 2013 I partnered with Fullscreen to become a full Youtube partner and in August 2014 I became an offical member of HellfireComms, a group commentary group with over 30,000 subscribers. My personal channel still remains rather small, but, it has managed to reach over 2000 subscribers and 1,200,000 video views and that number is growing every day. However, popularity has never been my goal, all I want is to make people happy and hopefully teach them a thing or two along the way. If I can do that for just one person then I’ve done my job and I would be happy with that. So, if you want to see what I get up to when I’m not doing actual work, this is it.