Upon joining CADS at university I embarked on a rather crazy ride of getting involved in some form in theatrical productions. From the off I helped tech a few nights of The Importance of Being Earnest, I then co-teched the full run of Charles Darwin and the Fabulous College Cat before solo teching the college Fresher’s Play, Bad Information (Now sadly lost to the ether). After Bad Information I took on a much more active role in CADS, writing, teching, performing in, filming, and editing most of the productions afterwards. This involved writing, teching and editing Aladdin: A Christ’s College Pantomime (Below), performing in, filming and editing the Christ’s Musical Theatre Showcase (My first time performing in many, many years), writing, sound designing, starring in, and editing (amongst many other roles) Cinderella: A Christ’s College Pantomime (Below), filming and editing the 2015 Fresher’s Play, Family Matters (Below), and finally being the creative director, performing in, writing and editing the CADS May Week Extravaganza (Below). At present, this is all I have accomplished in the realm of theatre, but, I hope that at some point soon I can get involved with it once again because despite the insane amounts of stress, I loved almost every minute of doing these shows.