Special September Update

Special September Update


So, a few weeks ago now I started my Marketing Internship at the theatre and have been having a wonderful time. I’ve gotten to help out with the launch of this year’s pantomime (which meant I got to meet The Chuckle Brothers, Tony Maudsley, and Chico) and I’ve also been able to attend multiple press nights and aid in press interviews with the cast, so that’s been pretty amazing.  I’ve also been getting to know all the different areas of the theatre that I hadn’t really dealt with properly from Box Office to Backstage, Finance to Creative Learning, and in general it’s truly fascinating to see all of the inner workings of a theatre. It’s also been really nice to feel truly productive after a year of not feeling like I’m getting anywhere. My life’s regained some of its purpose and that just feels wonderful.

Normally I would do a proper blog post every week but starting a full time job which sometimes requires evening work (Press Nights mostly), means the amount of time I have to play around with has shrunk dramatically. This means that I’m having to rejig all of my schedules in order to try to fit everything in. After all, trying to have a full-time job, write a novel, upload three ten to thirty minute videos a week to YouTube plus doing commentary sessions for HellfireComms, write a blog post every week, decorate my new bedroom, and now write a staff pantomime, it all has the potential to become a little too much. So, this blog post is intended to show how my schedule is going to shift up from here on out.

The main element is that I’m cutting down on my blog posts for the time being. At the start of the year I said I wanted to write a post every week or every other week and, while I’ve managed to do a post every week up until this month, it has reached the point where I need to do it every other week. Thankfully that means I get to stick to my New Year’s Resolution, but it also saves a bit of time for me to focus on other areas.


I’m also super close to finishing off my new bedroom and I should be able to move in by the end of the month which I seriously cannot wait for. It’ll be so nice to have space to move about in my bedroom! I’m also really close to finishing the first draft of my novel. It’s been delayed a bit by starting the new job and trying to finish off my bedroom, but I have four chapters left to do so not long to go now! Everything else is going smoothly so there’s nothing to worry about on that front.

So, back I go to getting on with everything and hopefully this brief update will clear up why my blog posts are not going to be quite as regular as they have been and why I’m probably not on social media as much either. I’m a very busy bee right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marketing Intern at a theatre. Graduate from Christ’s College, University of Cambridge with a BA Honors Degree in English. He’s currently working on his novel, YouTube channel, and this site in his spare time.


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