Guide To Reviews

While this site does contain a variety of styles of scoring and review (some of these reviews were written many years ago whilst I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to review things and so there was a lot of experimentation and bad practice going on when it came to sourcing images.), from July 2015 onwards, all reviews should remain relatively consistent in set-up. The thing being reviewed will be discussed in a manner that considers both the work in both a subject and objective manner. This is an attempt to make clear where my personal tastes and biases lie in order to provide as fair and balanced a review as I can.

Scores and Rankings will be done in this manner: Critical /5  Personal Enjoyment /5  Overall Ranking /10

Overall Ranking Guide: 0/10 Absolutely Atrocious, 1/10 Abysmal, 2/10 Awful, 3/10 Bad, 4/10 Poor, 5/10 Average, 6/10 Decent, 7/10 Good, 8/10 Great, 9/10 Awesome, 10/10 Outstanding

Critical Scores are based on the technicalities of the piece, as in how good is the cinematography, or are the characters multi-faceted or uncomfortably one-note, or were there tech hiccups in a production. Personal Enjoyment is what it says on the tin, it’s a score based on how much I enjoyed the piece and whether I would want to experience it again. Overall Ranking is a combination of the two scores and is a guideline for comparison across films. Obviously the main body of the review is the most important element and should be your go to if you want to see whether YOU would enjoy the film, but the ranking is a decent enough short-hand to show whether I think it is any good or not.