Getting Overwhelmed But Fighting Back

Getting Overwhelmed But Fighting Back

I’m struggling a bit, but I’m fighting back! (Source)

I’ve been struggling with a bit of writer’s block for the past couple of weeks. In the end, I think it’s entirely my own fault as I’ve given myself far too much to do and I am probably stretching myself a little too thinly. After all, trying to fit in doing work for two commentary channels, working on a novel, working on a blog, decorating a bedroom, and going in to actual work is perhaps a little excessive. Also, there have been days over the past couple of weeks where it has just been too warm to get anything meaningful done. I suspect that part of my troubles are coming from nerves at beginning my new job in about two weeks’ time and wanting to get everything important done before then so I have less to worry about. This problem is ultimately the same problem I found myself with last year: Too much to do, too little time in which to complete it comfortably. The major frustration is that I’m so close on numerous things. My bedroom just needs the window sill and skirting undercoating and glossing, the radiator to be painted, a few touch ups on the walls, and a bit of cleaning and then it’s a case of getting the carpet, curtains and furniture in there and I can settle in. With my book, I’ve only got about 8 chapters left to write, all of which form the climax and denouement of the narrative. And in terms of the commentary stuff, I’m just about keeping up with everything and getting it out on time. That leaves the blog which I feel I’ve been struggling with a bit but which is actually still going smoothly since I’ve only missed a couple of blog posts since the beginning of the year. Everything together is just leaving me feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, and a bit stressed; all self-inflicted of course; but still it leaves me feeling frustrated, especially as my mood is dramatically better.

So, what’s the plan to get myself out of this little funk before I start my new job?

To be fair, there isn’t really a plan other than to make the most of the week I have off before starting the job. I need to get myself up earlier and get myself running so my morning’s aren’t a complete waste and then I need to have my lunch a bit earlier too so I can build up to the main task of the day come the afternoon. In theory, that should give me enough time to at least get as close to the completion of my major goals as I can now get. Still, that will at least put me in the best possible stead for finishing off my book and my bedroom relatively soon after starting my job. Once they’re done, I can just plod along through the editing process slowly but thoroughly, and I can make a concerted effort to make the staff panto I’m hoping to write a reality.

And that’s really all I’ve got at the minute. Bit of a naff blog post, I know, and certainly one of the shortest. Still, I felt the need to expunge some of my frustration from the writer’s block I’ve been suffering and this post has helped me to get a bit of drive back so it’s worked out in the long run. I guess the main takeaway from this is don’t stretch yourself too thinly or it’ll come back to bite you on the bum; and if you do find yourself getting a bit overwhelmed, take a step back, reassess the situation, re-prioritise whatever is most important and then just get the hell on with it. Speaking of which, once I’m done with this post, I’m going to do that bit of sanding in my room, watch the Great British Bake Off and record some more footage. Today and this heat will not beat me.

Note: As you can probably tell, this was written on Wednesday. Reflecting on everything now, I probably need a bit more of a proper tactic, but I’m just going to do my best and see where I’m standing once I’ve started my job. At that point it’ll be much easier to organise my life.

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