Finally On Instagram

Finally On Instagram

I’ve never been one of the most photograph-happy people in the world. I’m mostly just quite content to experience life through my eyes rather than through a camera lens, but having had to take control of the Instagram account for work, being involved in the purchase of a brand-new camera, and essentially becoming one of theatre’s unofficial photographers has led to me quite enjoying photography in general. So, when I finally got a new phone with a lot more space I thought, hey, why not? Let’s start taking more photos and while I’m at it, let’s get an Instagram account!

I don’t really have much of a plan for what I’m going to do with this account. To be fair, I never do with my social media accounts as I prefer to just roll with life. You have to think a bit more carefully with business social media accounts obviously, as you want them to grow and be effective at conveying your message to your followers and customers. But with personal ones, particularly mine, they’re often just for fun.

It was so pretty when it was snowing on the train journey home! I just had to get a little video! #Snow 🌨

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I suppose I’ll use this account for two purposes: 1. To improve my photography and composition skills. 2. To keep a log of all the things I get up to so I have those memories stored somewhere other than my head. Considering the number of photo opportunities that will no doubt present themselves to me this year, why the hell not just go for it?

Oh I do love my job right now. 😃#theatre #arts #Lovingit

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I’m already quite proud of some of the shots I managed to get for work so far, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue to get better as time goes on. After all, the only way to improve is to practice and the ability to get a good photo is one that’ll definitely serve me well should I continue my journey into the world of marketing. That said, it’s also just a nice skill to have so as to be able to properly capture those special moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life, no matter how small those moments may be.

So, look forward to lots and lots of pictures on my Instagram account this year! It’s going to be a fun one for sure!

Marketing Intern at a theatre. Graduate from Christ’s College, University of Cambridge with a BA Honors Degree in English. He’s currently working on his novel, YouTube channel, and this site in his spare time.


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