Hello, my name is Richard Kish and I am a graduate from Christ’s College, University of Cambridge with a BA Honors Degree in English.

I am setting out on my next exciting step in life. Throughout the past few years I have tried to make the most of the time I’ve had to explore my interests as much as possible from literature to film to gaming to theatre and this has led to a wide and varied skillset.

I’ve done work in both retail and office environments alongside purely internet based endeavours, but no matter the situation I always strive to achieve the best possible results I can in an efficient manner. The dream is to eventually become a full-time author working mainly on novels but perhaps branching out into plays or screenplays. However, until such time as that is a viable option, I’m looking for any opportunities that allow me to learn new skills, meet new people, and experience new things.

Key areas of experience fall mostly within creative sectors, from creative writing to video production to theatrical productions to Photoshop and more. Having been President of Christ’s Films, the films society at my college, for a year in which I did everything from running screenings to booking the films and all of the publicity work, and an integral part of Christ’s Amateur Dramatics Society throughout my degree, where I teched numerous productions, wrote two full-length pantomimes, performed in a few shows, and filmed and edited even more, my passion for creativity and the amount of work I am willing to put in is huge. That I am also comfortable with critial analysis, general IT, maths and discussing various topics ranging from areas of law to politics, shows that I am versatile and constantly seeking to learn new things.